PSP Galveston Paintball Rumor Report

Friday, 3/11/11:

Day 1 Scores:

Brock Jollif has rejoined VICIOUS. He had previously played with Chicago Farside, St. Louis Avalanche, and the original VICIOUS paintball team.

Understood have sold out of the PSP Galveston / Texas Paintball Event T-Shirt. For those of you that missed out, stay tuned for the Official ProPaintball / Understood Huntington Beach Event Shirt.

Channel H Day 2 Round up Paintball Video:


Thursday, 3/10/11:

Tyler Shelton is playing with San Diego Dynasty. He had previously played with Newport Entourage.

Los Angeles Ironmen are said to be signing with GI Sports to shoot the Imperial Paintballs.

Russian Legion is wearing head to toe Sly Equipment. Goggles, packs, pads, pants, etc.

Johnathon Edgington is making his pro debut with Edmonton Impact.

As previously rumored, Chris Lasoya is playing with Chicago Aftershock.

Hat tip to Steve Nicola for repping his Pro Paintball T-shirt in his APPA photo. Good luck to you & CEP in your pro debut!

Greg Siewers is said to be playing with LA Infamous at NPPL HB.

Empire Paintball is testing a new paintball loader at the event. A small group of testers are said to be floating around.

PSP 2011 Rumored Schedule Updates based on information from ProPaintball insiders:

  • PSP Event #2 to be held at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL on June 23 – 26, 2011.**
  • PSP Event #3 to be held at  on Top Gun Paintball Park in Cream Ridge, NJ August 12 – 14, 2011.**

**Wait until the official announcement to buy your airline tickets.