PSP Chicago Paintball News & Rumors

Ramzi El-Yousef from Tampa Bay Damage is injured and won’t be playing. He was injured while rescuing a double-headed baby from a burning car last week. Ha, joking. Read the story on VFTD for a good laugh.

Bear Egidio (HK) playing with TKO in division 1.

Russian Legion will be hanging out at the Guerilla Air booth on Saturday at 2:30pm. The team will be available for photographs, autographs and great conversation. Be sure to stop by and meet one of the top pro paintball teams in the world.

Steven Pitts joins Dynasty for Xball. Still playing with DC Arsenal in 7-man.

Sacramento XSV, an Empire paintball team, is planning to compete in the PSP pro division in 2012.

A-rod and Infamous part ways. A-rod is said to be moving from San Diego to Orange County but not much is known beyond that.

Understood sold out of their event shirts by noon on Thursday. Due to popular demand, Understood is running a second batch of the Chicago-inspired paintball t-shirts. The shirts are available for pre-order online at Understood’s website. Understood’s front man John Battistini offers a few words;


The “UNOFFICIAL” Chicago PSP Event Shirt for 2011, was our first time running a moisture-wicking fabric for an event shirt.  It featured a full color graphic homage to Chicago’s gangland past with “tommy guns” repeating across the front and back. This event shirt worked equally well as a regular tee and an under-jersey since it was constructed of technical moisture-wicking fabric.

The shirt was a moisture-wicking t-shirt with black and gray graphics.

This is a 2nd Run ordering window during the PSP Chicago Open. Place your order now and your item will be shipped 1-2 weeks after the event.

Ordering for this item will close at 4pm on Sunday June 26th.