[UPDATED] PSP 2011 Paintball Rumors

ProPaintball insiders report big changes are inbound for the PSP 2011 season. According to our sources, the changes for the 2011 season are designed to decrease the over all costs associated with competing on the National level and at the same time expand the potential player base.

Updated:  Check the PSP website for official changes.

The following changes are rumored to be in store for 2011 league play:

  • Bigger bunkers towards back of field.
  • Extending the length of the regulation size field by a total of 20 ft.; 10 feet to each side of the field.
  • Elimination of pit side coaching.
  • Field layouts will not be released in advance of the event.
  • Phoenix is looking like the location of the first event.
  • Bringing back an event in Los Angeles/Riverside County is very likely.

ProPaintball insiders tell us that sideline coaching will continue to be allowed.

The PSP is said to be making a major effort to bring down several of the barriers that have prevented players from competing.

The reasoning behind not releasing the field layouts is said to help reduce the cost associated with practicing before events. 10 years ago players practiced their skills, be it snap shooting, running and gunning, communication, 2 on 5, 3 on 1, etc. in an effort to become better paintball players. With the advance release of layouts, a small minority of teams are able to purchase skids of paint and run the layout as many as 6 times prior to the event, creating what some consider an unfair advantage. The bigger bunkers towards the back of the field will allow for  bigger players to compete and participate in the action. Now rather than argue “who shot who first”, and spending the teams budget on intense and costly practices, the reduced costs will hopefully enable a larger pool of paintball players to compete on the National level.