ProPaintball’s very own SKYNET is online and ready to rock! Yes, you read that right. SKYNET is now self aware thanks to the hard work of Gilbert Rossignol and the rest of the ProPaintball terminators. Now Gilbert is all jacked up on mountain dew and has issued marching orders that we are to be pumping out stories like its nobodies business. Well here goes..

Now that our ProPaintball web server is back online we can get back to doing what we do best. The number 1 paintball news and gossip website on the internet has more stories, interviews, and inside scoops than we can count and…they are all in the process of being entered into the system.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay tuned!


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Playing regularly since 1997. Competed in local, regional, national and international paintball series. Founded and lead Long Beach State to a National Collegiate Championship victory. Proudly banned from the NPPL after legitimately winning a 5 on 1. Have since made it a hobby to promote paintball and at the same time make a point to call out paintball industry shenanigans and those that intentionally impede the growth of paintball. Welcome to