Wednesday Rumor Round Up insiders report that Los Angeles Infamous are rumored to be shooting Bob Long Victory’s in 2010. Further, San Diego Dynasty are rumored to be shooting Planet Eclipse Ego’s. As of writing, these are just rumors but gun switches from both of these teams would be very interesting.

Baca Loco over at View from the deadbox has some very intersting updates regarding the state of the NPPL. Check out the stories “Time to put a fork in the NPPL?” & “Race-To the Big Picture“.

Talk has been circulating that Adam & Billy Gardner of Smart Parts & All Americans fame may have left G.I. Milsim to refocus their efforts with Smart Parts. Fear not .50cal fans, the Italia’s are hard at work and word has it that the first .50 cal paintball markers will be released near the end of January.

Word on the street has it that Smart Parts is working on securing a line of funding and plans to reopen operations in the near future.