This week, Baca Loco over at View From The Deadbox brings us his Pro*file of pro paintball player Colt Robers of San Antonio X-Factor.

Name: Colt Roberts
Age: 28
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Occupation: HVAC Lead Installer
Family: Don and Deborah Roberts (parents), Desiree Mauldin (my love), Foxy (Pomeranian), JC (Bengal Cat), and Moses (Flame Point Siamese).
General interests other than paintball: Big time gamer nerd, any sport you name it, ancient civilizations.

1. What was your first paintball experience and who introduced you to the game?
Originally I decided to start playing because of a group of my High School friends. They all had this great idea to buy guns and start playing. This really got my attention because I had always wanted to try it and was finally at a point financially that I could. So I go to the local paintball store and buy all my stuff. I was bad with my Spyder 2000 for sure. Turns out I would be the only one to actually get the equipment so after a month of it collecting dust I went back to the store and asked the manager where a good place to play was. He told me about the field that he was playing out of called Lonestar. So I went Sunday morning ready to play and soon found out that it was team practice on Sunday mornings. So I decided to jump in and next thing I knew I was on a team that day playing a tournament the following weekend. After that I was hooked and have been playing tournament paintball ever since.
2. What team do you play for now?
San Antonio X-Factor
3. What teams have you played for in the past?
TBA, Fuel, TX Storm, Avalanche, Arsenal, Naughty Dogs, X-Factor.
4. What role do you play on your current team?
Corner or snake insert. Unless needed somewhere else. I’ll play anywhere.
5. Who are your favorite paintball players?
Dave Bains, Bobby Aviles, Frankenstein from old Russian Legion.
6. What’s your best paintball experience or memory?
Winning Huntington Beach Pro (X-Factor) and the Smart Parts World Championship (Naughty Dogs)
7. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done in order to play paintball?
We drove from San Antonio, TX to Atlantic City, NJ and camped just to play Novice 5 man. We ended up taking second so it wasn’t a total waste of time.
8. What is the single most important lesson the up and comer needs to learn?
Play people better than you every chance you get. That’s the only way to get better. If you don’t believe me just go out to your local tournament and look for the teams that have been playing rookie 3 man for 22 years. Learn that and learn respect. Don’t run in thinking you’re some hot shot that deserves a full ride when you’ve only played rookie 5 man.
9. What keeps you playing paintball?
I still love to play. Not to mention I’m competing at the pinnacle of the sport. I just can’t walk away.
10. Do you (or any of your teammates) have any superstitions related to playing paintball?
Grayson Goff has to stay up all night playing wizard games before a match.
Thanks, Colt. Way to throw Grayson under the bus. Things have been kinda slow, rumor-wise, lately so maybe you can blow this up into an ongoing feud. For the kids. Just a suggestion. While we’re at it–Let’s hear it Grayson. We need to know more about your wizard games.