[PPS] Weekend of June 13th & 14th

propaintball-iconWelcome to week 2 of the Pro Practice Schedule [PPS]! Our first edition of the PPS was a great success and we are proud to announce that several teams have joined the PPS including the Hurricanes, the Americans, and the Russian Legion. For those of you whom are tuning in for the first time, the PPS is a new series of updates in which we showcase the professional teams preparations leading up to the next major event. Each week we will do our best to provide the inside scoop on who, and most importantly, where your favorite Pro paintball team is playing.

For the weekend of June 13th & 14th 2009;

  • New England Hurricanes and Philadelphia All Americans will be practicing at Fox4 Paintball in Upton, MA.
  • San Diego Aftermath and Los Angeles Ironmen will be practicing at Velocity Paintball Park in Ramona, CA. Aftermath II will be refereeing the WCPPL affiliate Saturday and then joining in on the Ironmen/SDA practice on Sunday.
  • San Diego Dynasty is practicing against San Antonio X-Factor at X-Factors home field located at Maximum Paintball in San Marcos, TX.
  • Tampa Bay Damage, Russian Legion and RNT Allstars are practicing at TBD’s home field located at Central Florida Paintball park in Lakeland, FL.
  • Chicago Aftershock and Indianapolis Mutiny will be practicing at Badlandz.
  • Update: Orange County Bushwackers will be practicing Sunday at Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, CA.
  • Update: Scottsdale Elevation will be practicing Sunday at 23bps in Avondale, AZ.

Missing in action this weekend is XSV and Infamous. Both teams are said to be taking the weekend off and players will be playing at local fields. Rich Telford and Junior Brown will be representing XSV at the D-Day event. For those of you taking part in the action, be sure to stop by and say hello!