Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! While we were enjoying great food and spending time with our families, the world of pro paintball was as busy as ever. This week, we bring you up to speed on the Russian Legion, Palm Beach Vipers, the Millennium Series, and Aftermath II. Read on for the latest news.

  • According to sources, the Russian Legion has re-signed both Justin Rabackoff and Matt Blonski. All signs indicate that the Russian Legion will continue to have one of the strongest pro rosters in the world and will be the team to beat in 2010.
  • Aftermath II was practicing against Nu-Skool University at Action Star Games yesterday in Bloomington, CA. Team owner Mike Hinman and SDA Pro player Pat Hughes were said to be busy evaluating the players trying out for the team and making the initial round of cuts. According to our very own Brandon Mason, the team is going to start the 2010 season competing in PSP Division 1 and working their way up through the ranks. Congrats everyone who made the team!
  • Palm Beach Vipers and Proto Paintball have officially parted ways. Rumors are indicating the team might shoot Eclipse markers in 2010 but we have not heard anything official yet. The Vipers will be holding tryouts this coming weekend, December 5th & 6th, at Central Florida Paintball. The rate is $75.00 per day and the team will start at 10am Saturday, 9am Sunday. For more info check out the PBV facebook event page.
  • View From the Deadbox is reporting that the Millennium Series has released its event dates and sponsorship pricing tiers. Word is the viewership metrics they are applying are crazy as ever, but hey, we have to give them credit for being the first major league to release dates. Now if only the other leagues could follow suit. Check it out the latest from the Millennium Series¬†here.


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