Pro Paintball team SF Explicit 2010 PL Ego

sfe09Along side the VICIOUS, Hurricanse and Aftershock 2010 Ego’s, we present to you an exclusive first look at the brand new 2010 Private Label Ego manufactured by Planet Eclipse for Pro Paintball team San Francisco Explicit. Aside from the custom milling to the body of the gun, which is something new Eclipse decided to do this year for a handful of their teams, the gun is laser graved with the teams name and a custom art job to give the gun the final touch.

Ego 10 Specifications:

  • Weight ? 903g/1.98lb Including 14? Shaft3 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS
  • Length ? 531mm Including 14? Shaft3 Barrel
  • Height ? 208mm
  • Width ? 26mm
  • 92% Larger LCD display