Pro Paintball Scores from the PSP World Cup – Day 1

propaintball-iconThe battle begins today at the 2009 PSP World Cup being held at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida. Here are the latest scores from the pro paintball matches.

  • X-Factor takes Infamous, 7-6.
  • Impact defeats the Naughty Dogs 7-5.
  • Hurricanes came out victorious against Aftershock 7-5.
  • Damage beat Joy Division 7-2.
  • Aftermath defeated X-Factor 7-3.
  • After a back and forth match, Infamous beat Impact 7-5.
  • Aftershock beat out the Naughty Dogs 7-2, the dogs suffered from a set of penalties.
  • Aftermath powered through Joy Division, 7-2, Chris Lasoya was seen limping off the field due to a knee injury.
  • The Hurricanes were on a roll today, scoring 6-1 against damage. Damage picked it up at the end and won the match 7-6. Talk about Damage making a ¬†comeback.

For point by point updates and match scores as they happen, be sure to follow @ProPaintballcom on twitter. Special thanks to Robs45 for help compiling the scores.