Pro Paintball Scores from PSP World Cup – Day 2


Day 2 of the pro paintball qualifying round has begun at the PSP 2009 World Cup. In order for teams to continue on will need to play out the remainder of the round robin bracket and accumulate enough points to position themselves within the top 4. Teams like Dynasty, Russian Legion, the Ironmen and the All Americans received “by’s” due to their season points and won’t start playing paintball until tomorrow. Viewers at home can rest easy as the PSP will be unveiling its professional webcast first thing Friday morning with the beginning of the preliminary round.

  • Impact beat out Joy Division in a hard-fought match, 7-5.
  • Infamous takes the match against Hurricanes in a buzzer-beating 7-5 finish.
  • X-Factor beat Aftershock, 7-5.
  • Aftermath beat out the Naughty Dogs, 6-5.
  • Damage defeated Impact, 7-5.
  • X-Factor took a 7-3 win over the Hurricanes.
  • Joy Division beats the naughty dogs, 7-6 after coming back from a 3-6 spread.
  • In a hard fought match, Aftershock wins in overtime Aftermath, 7-6.

Yesterday was a hot one at the World Cup event and we recommend both players and spectators bring sunscreen, wide brimmed hats and drink plenty of fluids. If your in the area, be sure to stop by the BLAST tech booth in the vendor area for free software upgrades to your Tadao boards, courtesy of Tadao Technologies. For point by point updates, follow @ProPaintballcom on twitter.