Pro Paintball Pre-Season Rumor Report [Updated]

Several pro teams took advantage of the first weekend of the New Year to hit the field, knock off the cob webs and break in new paintball gear. Today’s Pro Paintball Pre-Season Rumor Report highlights several of the more interesting rumors to come across our desk.

Paintball team Chicago Aftershock
Paintball team Chicago Aftershock working the field
Update: 1:23pst — We have just learned that Barret has signed with Explicit. Jason Barret told ProPaintball:
“I want to thank rob for giving me such a great opportunity to play with such a great team. I am real excited to play with a team that is extremely talented and has only one goal in mind, and that is to win.”


  • Pro player Tristan Brown is said to be returning to Aftershock for 2012. In addition, Aftershock has picked up 3 BOOM players to fill the roster out. Last week ProPaintball broke news that Drew Templeton, Chris Sosine, Zack Patient had left for Detroit Infamous and left a void in the roster. Joining Shock for 2012 is Lance Schumann, Rob Velez and Chris Jansen.


  • Shane Howe played with Oakland BLAST in 2011. With BLAST’s recent announcement that they would not be returning for 2012, Howe was listed as TBA for the 2012 paintball season. ProPaintball insiders suggest Howe will play on one of two rosters in 2012, XSV Explicit.


  • Pro Paintball insiders report that Seattle Thunder has been putting in the overtime during the 2012 off season. Rumors have surfaced suggesting former Naughty Dog players will be returning to the fold. Raymond Knuth, Mikey Lew and Mapp Chim’s names have all been mentioned. Further, DLX and Seattle Thunder have inked a deal for 2012 and Thunder will shoot the Luxe 2.0 paintball gun.

What paintball news and rumors did you come across this weekend? Share your intel in the comments below.