[PPS] Weekend of September 12th & 13th

propaintball-iconWelcome to the Pro Practice Schedule for the weekend of September 12th and 13th. For those of you whom are tuning in for the first time, the PPS is a series of updates in which we showcase the professional teams preparations leading up to the next major event. We do our best to provide the inside scoop on who, and most importantly, where your favorite Pro paintball team is playing in the weekends leading up to major events.

  • San Diego Dynasty and Los Angeles Infamous will be at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park in Oceanside, CA. Both teams are said to be running drills and playing X-Ball, all in preparation for the 2009 Paintball World Cup.
  • The New England Hurricanes and the Philadelphia All Americans will be playing at Fox4 Paintball in Upton, MA. This will mark the second time Philly has come up to practice at Fox4 and the 5th time these two teams have practiced each other this year.
  • Last weekend Tampa Bay Damage and San Diego Aftermath squared off at Central Florida Paintball Park in Lakeland, FL. Both teams got their first look at the preliminary field and played lots of aggressive paintball in the humid Florida weather. Damage will be taking this weekend off and letting players have some personal time before getting back in the grove and practicing every weekend up to the event.
  • San Diego Aftermath will be hosting the WCPPL paintball event at Action Star Games in Bloomington, CA. The 7-man series has been a fun one to watch as teams battle it out for over $30,000.00 in cash prizes.

We will be updating the report as the day progresses with additional pro team news. Stay tuned!