PPB Exclusive Photo: Naughty Dogs Victory

We’re happy to present the first photo of the new Naughty Dogs team Victory. No word yet on whether the internals are any different from a stock Bob Long Victory, but as laser anno jobs go this one certainly fits the Naughty Dogs. We’re loving the chains.


With Smart Part’s finances in the proverbial crapper it comes as no surprise that some of their teams are switching sponsors. The Naughty Dogs, winners of the televised Smart Parts World Championship in 2006, haven’t been doing as well on the tournament circuit in recent times. Naughty Dogs player Corey Field has said that at the moment they can shoot whatever they want, so we’re not sure whether this marker actually represents a BL sponsorship. They’ll be playing both PSP and the newly retitled (again) NPPL for the 2010 season.

Let us know what you think of the Naughty Dogs and their new marker. Is it worthy of the team or does the classic ND Shocker still have this one beat?