PPB Exclusive: Naughty Dogs NT

naughty dogs logo1Just a few months back the Portland Naughty Dogs surprised the paintball community by signing a multi-year deal with DYE Precision. Following on the heels of the announcement we showcased an exclusive first look at the Naughty Dogs C10 pro paintball jersey. The Naughty Dogs, dressed head to toe in their new DYE paintball gear did relatively well in the recent NPPL season opener (photos here), placing 6th at the Huntington Beach Open. The Naughty Dogs are the premier DYE team in the NPPL and we figured it was only a matter of time until the team had their very own limited edition NT paintball gun. With that in mind we are proud to officially unveil the 2010 Naughty Dogs NT. Check it..

NT Naughty Dogs R

NT Naughty Dogs L