PPB Exclusive: 2010 Dynasty Paintball jersey

Dynasty LogoToday we are proud to present an exclusive first look at the 2010 Dynasty paintball jersey. San Diego Dynasty will be wearing this jersey at the PSP World Cup and the NPPL Las Vegas events. This jersey is the first of much more to come from the 2010 Empire LTD line. We have to say, its definitely exciting to get a first look at new paintball gear before its released.


Empire is continuing to up the ante with their hard and soft goods line. At last years 2008 paintball World Cup, Empire launched the Prophecy loader, which has been consistently rated as the best paintball loader, along with Dye’s Rotor. Further, they signed Triple Crown Champion paintball team San Diego Dynasty to wear their gear exclusively. We look forward to the rest of the 2010 line that Empire has in store for us. Tell us what you think!