Planet Eclipse The Dail-E Download with Matt Marshall from ETV

Planet Eclipse is excited to announce we will be bringing Matt Marshall to the land of Mickey Mouse, airplanes, and Paintball for 2010 World Cup.

ETV will be releasing a new show, ETV The Dail-E Download, at World Cup.  The 2-3 minute video clips will post at the end of each day.

dail eThe Dail-E Download will be hosted by Matt Marshall. Marshall is a former world champion paintball player, and the current narrator of the Planet Eclipse documentary series, Artifact. The Dail-E Download will feature Marshall conducting in-game pit interviews, breaking down games, and some game highlights.

If I’m honest, I have no idea exactly what we will get!

says ETV producer/director Dan Napoli with a laugh.

It will be a bit free-form, but it will certainly be awesome. Matt has an intimacy with pro players; There are players who have looked up to him from when they were young, plus guys who’ve played with and against him. That’s pretty much impossible to recreate. I’m excited to see what the videos end up looking like.

There is no other event like World Cup and I’m really looking forward to working with Dan, Brad and the people at Eclipse to bring ETV content to the players in the ever expanding paintball world who can’t make it to the event,

said Matt Marshall.

Every year at Cup there’s bar raising competition, with new guys and teams stepping up and proving their abilities and heart, and I can’t wait to see what happens this year!

The Dail-E Download will post to the Eclipse network of websites, including the Blog, Facebook, and YouTube pages, as well the Eclipse Twitter account and

The Dail-E Download will also tie-in with The Planet Eclipse’s Grandstand Giveaway, where Eclipse will be giving away a pair of grandstand tickets FREE for each day of pro play Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Each episode of The Dail-E Download will feature a hidden “cookie”-a puzzle piece with a World Cup trivia question written on it that will randomly appear in the video. Be the first person to arrive at the Planet booth and correctly give the trivia question & answer, AND the time code it appears in the video to Eilidh and the ticket’s are yours! No repeat winners will be allowed.

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