Photomob UNITE for PSP World CUP

For the first time in paintball history, a group of the best photographers around are working together to cover teams at the PSP World Cup. World Cup will have 8-10 fields, and with 7 photographers together, they will be able to cover a greater amount of area, and not have to worry about teams playing at the same time and missing the games. They will have enough photographers to ensure FULL coverage of a team that wants it. Best part? It’s the price you would pay for 1 photographer, but get 7! If this is something you, or your team might be interested in at World Cup, email Skip at [email protected] or pm SkipperDawg on PbNation.

Full list of photographers:

  • InnerSphere
  • GDT
  • 1904
  • SkipsPics
  • CXI
  • AZP
  • BrettOakes

For more details, check out their post on PbNation!

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