Phil Dominguez Explains what happened

arsenal2I am a avid shooter and shoot twice a week, all of the guns are registered to me including the assault weapons. all of the guns were lock in approved DOJ containers made for transporting guns, not to mention that they were all locked in the back of truck.. There is no law against bringing guns to the airport as long as they are declared. which I did. I was cleared by the ATF and the FBI on site..there was so much brass out there from all of the law angencys there was no way that I was not getting arrested for something.

After 10 hours of looking they finaling found a law that I broke..when you have registered assalt weapons, you are allowed to have them, shoot them, you just cant drive any where other than to and from the range.. I went to pick up chris cole from the airport, then we were going shooting heli_shotfrom there.

He is in town to play the OSC with me and fridge.

[In response to pbnation responding immaturely] So all of you haters keep on hating, what you should really be hating on is your 2nd Amendment being trampled on in the name of law enforcement.

Tell me, what good does it do to make guns laws as stupid as that one.. do you think for one minute that the bad guys are going to follow it..I bet you this is the first case where a non gang member/ non ex felon/non bank robbing guy gets prosecuted for a gun law made for outlaws