Patrick "Pinky" Hughes: Plans for 2010

13533 213691299803 609539803 4139227 2032984 nThe 2010 season is starting in just a few short weeks now and we were able to catch up with one of paintballs most recent up and coming players, Patrick “Pinky” Hughes of the San Diego Aftermath family. Pinky worked his way up the divisions and found himself playing with the PRO Aftermath team in the PSP for most of the 2009 season.

Just recently broke news of  the merger between SD Aftermath and LA Infamous teams to create one super team comprised of both players who’ve been in the sport for as long as most of us can remember as well as much of paintballs young and fresh talent. Of course the merging of two PRO teams means 16+ players fighting to earn their spots on the roster, leaving the rest looking elsewhere to continue playing.

With that being said, Pinky let us in on his plans for the 2010 season, checkout what he had to say:

I thought the season was going to start out good with the LA Infamous & Aftermath merger that all you read about. Long story short some things went down that were not addressed to half of the team and at least for me it just felt like my opinion didn’t matter to much. So some people left to find themselves back in a Red and Black SD jersey. My heart still bleeds Red and Black but for now I will be playing NPPL with Okland Blast and I am very happy about that. When my boy Tyler Harmon hit me up to play with blast I was nothing but excited for the chance to play on a team that was by far my favorite team when I was just a lil’ pup coming up in the world. As for PSP I will be coaching SD Aftermath and trying to make some other power moves in the PRO division. Pheonix is coming up soon and only time will tell what happens. Blast will start grinding the weekend of the 13th and 14th of March.  So that’s what’s good with Mr. Pink for 2010. Let’s Rock!!!

Stay tuned to for further updates as the season progresses!