Palm Beach Vipers & Cross Eyed Paintball update

vipersYesterday there was a rumor floating around that Palm Beach Vipers were looking to pick up a few players. We caught up with Ken Bryson this morning who let us know that there are some changes taking place in the Palm Beach Vipers & Cross Eyed Paintball camp. Read on for the latest paintball news.

Ken Bryson told
“After winning the Phoenix PSP Division 1 title the players formerly of Cross Eyed Paintball have chosen to leave the PBV organization effective today.  Citing their underestimated costs of travel expense to play in Florida the CEP players from D1 and semipro are planning to rebuild a D1 team under their own direction and funding based out of Chattanooga, TN.  We wish them the best of luck in their new adventure and look forward to seeing them at events in the future.

PBV will continue to field semipro and D1 teams at the PSP events for the balance of the 2010 season.  Obviously this departure will require PBV to add players for both the semipro and D1 teams right away in preparation for the PSP Chicago Open.  Interested players with appropriate experience should contact me directly, in confidence, for details.  [email protected]

The Palm Beach Vipers organization will continue to be supported throughout the season by Macdev, Sly Equipment, Draxxus, and Dye Precision. The Palm Beach Vipers are a Nation-wide paintball program with paintball teams in several regions throughout the country. Further information on the Palm Beach Vipers organization can be found at our website,”

This is an excellent opportunity for players looking to join a semi-pro organization and we definitely encourage interested players to talk with the Palm Beach Vipers. We wish the Palm Beach Vipers and Cross Eyed Paintball organizations the best of luck.