Paintball Video: PSP World Cup 2011 by Cassidy Sanders

cassidy world cup 2011 paintball

Paintball videographer Cassidy Sanders has unveiled his long awaited PSP World Cup video. Our favorite clip is of Alex “Mouse” Goldman quickly winning a 2 on 1 and running the flag home.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the ProPaintball exclusive interview with Cassidy.


PSP’s 2011 Final Event came and was a huge success! Stay tuned for more paintball videos from this event and past events!

Filmed & Edited by Cassidy Sanders
Song: Aj Hernz – Snap Back Swag (Crizzly Remix)

Original: Aj Hernz – Snap Back Swag

Inside the video you will notice that Cassidy has changed up both the music type as well as the style of his video. How do you think this compares to his previous work?