Paintball Video of the day: DC Challenge by PB Culture

Paintball players across the country are packing their bags and boarding planes as they begin their journey to the 2009 PSP World Cup. As players, one of the tricks we use to get ourselves into the zone is to watch video after video of pro paintball players making game-breaking moves and blowing each other up. Josh and his team over at PBCulture have been working extremely hard to produce event oriented paintball videos and we have to hand it to them, they have been doing a great job. The first time we met Josh Siegelman of PBCulture was at the USPL West Coast Open and he and the crew were very excited to have the opportunity to film pro paintball players doing what they do best. Josh and his team followed the NPPL 7-man series to the DC Challenge and put together the following paintball film. For those of you stuck in the airport, or even worse, stuck in the office, pull yourselves together and get in the zone!