Anthrax Paintball has unveiled the 2017 TEAM USA Paintball Roster. Team USA will be competing in London, UK on June 30th through July 2nd, 2017. This years roster is an incredible line up and includes some of the best paintball players in the United States pro division.

Featured this year includes:

  1. Tim Montressor/li>
  2. Damian Ryan/li>
  3. Ryan Greenspan/li>
  4. Justin Rabackoff/li>
  5. Archie Montemayor/li>
  6. Nick Leival/li>
  7. Chad George/li>
  8. Sam Monville/li>
  9. Greg Siewers/li>
  10. Keith Brown/li>
  11. Ryan Moorhead/li>
  12. Marcello Margott

The team will be coached by Dave Bains and Todd Martinez. Headshots of the pro paintball team are roster-ed below.

Take a look at the new paintball jerseys designed specifically for team usa and this event.

For more information, check out the official league website at


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