Pro paintball player Mike McCormick from San Diego Dynasty
Pro paintball player Mike McCormick from San Diego Dynasty

We have received several requests for information about the Pro Paintball sticker packs. Specifically, many of you have inquired as to who is providing our awesome stickers and how you can make your own custom stickers. Its easier than you think. Read on for the details..

Our friends at have been producing the stickers you keep seeing around the paintball field and across the internets. Eric and his brother have been supplying professional stickers (both vinyl and digital) do an excellent job of supplying high quality, full color custom stickers. On top of their quick turn around and wonderful customer service, offers high quality, full color custom stickers. Paintballer187 has been producing ProPaintball stickers without fail for several years now and we have nothing but great things to say about them.

Paintball Stickers
Paintball Stickers is running a promotion right now on full color stickers. If you act now, you will be able to take advantage of no setup fees, no minimums, and no contour restrictions, ie. you can design anything you want and have it made into a sticker. This is a great opportunity to order a set of stickers for your paintball team, or create special one-off stickers for your paintball gear. What are you waiting for? Order your team stickers today!

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