Paintball Stats from PSP Galveston

Paintball statistics have long been hailed as the holy grail for measuring player performance on the pro field. A few weeks back we shared an update that unveiled plans by Paintball Access to begin collecting PSP statistical data throughout the 2012 season. The announcement was well received and today the data has been unveiled.

Below is a sneak peak of match data from the hard fought match between Tampa Bay Damage and Omaha Vicious at PSP Galveston Island. Click the image for high resolution.

Pro Paintball Stats

The Stats measure game time, scores, type of result, the players win/loss record and performance metrics. Our favorite is the g-count and the number of times players were hit off break.

Here are the official statistics from Galveston Island 2012.

2012 PSP Galveston Island Open Stats

What do you think about these paintball statistics? What other types of data would you like to see collected?