Paintballs 2010 Offseason Rumors

josh-davey-paintballThere has been a flurry of activity in the rumor mill as the 2009 paintball season draws to a close. Teams are changing sponsors, players are switching teams and companies are trying to figure out what the heck they should do about .50cal and sponsorship for the 2010 season. This update is a big one so we have broken down the news into two sections. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors.

Paintball Player and Team News:

  • Jason “Fat Kid” Edwards is said to be joining Tampa Bay Damage for 2010 season. FK played with the team in Vegas and rumor has it he will be sticking around. Great pickup for Tampa Bay Damage!
  • The Ironmen are looking to pick up some younger, faster players. Heavy rumors surround Dalton from VICIOUS and Sean McDonald. At the very least, two of the Ironmen’s currently salaried players are said to be on the chopping block to make room. Any guesses on who?
  • The Philly Americans are said to be looking for a new sponsorship deal. Rumor has it they are asking for a considerable chunk of change. Good luck guys!
  • San Francisco Explicit is rumored to be joining the PSP in 2010. Word is the team will be competing in the Semi Pro division. Awesome!
  • Max Lundquist (Joy Division) will be playing with the Persian Legend in the third leg of the Iran Paintball League. The event will be hosted in the capital city, Tehran, Iran and should be interesting. If everything works out we should have a really cool event video to show you guys.
  • NPPL released a press release after their meeting Monday reworking the rule regarding illegal guns (mechanical failures didn’t get warnings) and has withdrawn the suspensions doled out at the NPPL Vegas event. Looks like I’m not banned from paintball after all. Sorry Dan, you’re still an idiot. Speaking of ultimate judges, if the NPPL is serious about surviving they need to bring back Tom Cole. That man knows what he is doing.

Industry and Paintball Gear

  • Several pro paintball teams have been trying out different paintball guns. With Smart Parts almost entirely out of the picture and Eclipse spread extremely thin with the number of teams they support, things could get interesting. This will definitely be a hot topic in the coming weeks.
  • Master hunter Bob Long and John “digital” Amodea of PB2X fame have been hard at work on their online hunting magazine. Bob mentioned they have received extremely positive responses from online-retailer Cabelas and some of the largest ammo manufactures on the planet. Bows, Arrows, and big game hunting. Get some.
  • Speaking of Bob Long, word is he has a .50cal version of the Victory that hes polishing up and getting ready to unleash.
  • On that note, there is a .50cal pump gun in the works, our inside sources should have photos for us shortly.
  • Rumor has it that a new Eclipse Geo will be hitting the streets during quarter 1 of 2010.