According to Pro Paintball insiders, Tippman Sports has purchased ANGEL Paintball Sports (APS). A few weeks ago we learned that APS had ceased operations. Jay from Angel Paintball Sports mentioned that a further update would be made available by APS office in the UK.

While some details about the transaction have yet to emerge, Tippmann is rumored to have acquired both the intellectual property surrounding the Angel markers and rights to the Angel Eye goggle system. Formerly vaporware, this oft-discussed but never delivered goggle system will hopefully make it to the market sometime next year; our insiders report that the mask experienced significant functionality and performance issues that rendered it incapable of passing ASTM testing.

The acquisition of Angel Paintball Sports / WDP marks yet another key pickup for Tippmann, following the recent purchase of NXe last year, and the attempted purchase of ProCaps LP just last week. Tippmann Sports itself is no stranger to the merits of corporate buyouts–having been purchased in 2004 by investment giant, Summit Partners.

The addition of yet another tournament brand to the Tipmmann stable (in addition to WAS/Wicked Air Sportz and NXe) spells an interesting future for Tippmann–are we seeing early indicators of an entry to the tournament market? Are high-end paintball guns in Tippmann’s future?


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