Paintball Rumor: Richmond buys into Smart Parts


Latest rumor in paintball news: Richmond Italia, inventor of Xball and .50cal paintball is rumored to have bought into Smart Parts. Read on for the official statement.

Rumor has it that Richmond Italia has bought an interest in Smart Parts. Richmonds Italia’s new company, G.I. Milsim, has been a big feature in paintball news lately as he is the man behind the new .50cal paintball format. Readers familiar with G.I. Milsim will note that the Gardner brothers (owners of Smart Parts) are partners in the new .50cal company, G.I. Milsim. Word that the three industry big-wigs have partnered up is one thing, but Richmond providing a cash infusion into one of the largest paintball manufactuers would be something else! With a new stack of cash and the low price valuations of many paintball business, the Gardners could very well be considering a new round of acquisitions to further solidify their position within the paintball industry.

With news this big, we figured we should go directly to the source and seek a confirmation. asked both Richmond and his PR team for an official statement. Official word: “No comment but they [the Gardners] are a major partner in GI Milsim.”

Update: Sean Scott, PR Man for Smart Parts, has posted a semi-official statement on View from the Deadbox.

Well, I guess I will respond GI Milsim is a seperate business from Smart Parts. Smart Parts is in no way owned by Richmond Italia, nor is he an investor in Smart Parts.