propaintball-iconThe sport of paintball is getting off to an action packed start. This week we feature the latest paintball news and rumors from San Diego Dynasty, Newport Entourage, VICIOUS, the New England Hurricanes and Brass Eagle.

  • vicious-logo-croppedSources inform us that Billy B. from the New England Hurricanes will be playing with VICIOUS in the pro division. VICIOUS is a new team in the Pro ranks and experts suggest that some pro talent would help balance the team out. Combining veteran pro paintball players Billy Bernacchia and Gino Benedicto (former Infamous player) with the killers in VICIOUS would create a force to be reckoned with.
  • hurricanesSpeaking of the NE Hurricanes; there is a rumor floating around that the Hurricanes (who recently left the Pro division) may resurface in the Semi Pro PSP division for 2010. The plan had been for the team to rebuild in D-1 and work there way up. However, reports are coming in that Thomas Mantoni and one other Hurricane may stick with the team and help with the rebuilding efforts.
  • Brass-Eagle-LogoThe Brass Eagle plant in Missouri is set to close in February, according to the Chicago Tribune. Word is that the paint distribution is going to continue in operation but the production plant is closing and 60 employees are being let go. It’s always sad to hear people are losing their jobs. Thanks PBNation / AuctionJunkie.
  • dynastyAccording to sources, Angel Fragoza has retired from San Diego Dynasty. insiders note that Angel had toyed with the idea of retiring for the last couple of years but this time he made his decision final. Hopefully we will see him back on the field before long. Good luck, Angel!
  • raneyRaney Stanczack (Entourage) is taking the season off to focus on school. This will be a big blow to Entourage as Raney has proved time and time again to be a solid backbone for the team. Does anyone know who will be replacing him?

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