Paintball News and Rumors: Pro players Brandon Short, Nick Slowiak

 Paintball News and Rumors: Pro players Brandon Short, Nick Slowiak

Pro Paintball insiders are pointing to new directions and possibilities for top pro paintball players Brandon Short and Nick Slowiak. Read on for the latest Pro Paintball news and rumors.

Pro player Brandon Short
Pro player Brandon Short, LA Ironmen

Brandon Short (Ironmen) is rumored to have been practicing during the off season with some of the guys from San Diego Dynasty. Short has been a long time friend of Ollie, Fraige, Greenspan and Yosh. Being a solid player, local to San Diego, and friends with the core Dynasty group can’t hurt his chances with the team. Was BShort enjoying a weekend of paintball with his friends, or trying out for the top professional paintball team? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Pro paintball player Nick Slowiak on the move
Pro paintball player Nick Slowiak on the move

After we broke the news that pro player Nick Slowiak had left Chicago Aftershock, questions and emails started flooding in asking where he was going next. A few hours later we started receiving intel that pro teams are looking to (or talking about) picking him up. All we have to say is you better act fast. We hear professional paintball teams Russian Legion and Chicago Heat are both in the market for talent.


Will Brandon Short leave the Ironmen for Dynasty?

What professional team do you think Nick Slowiak will play with in 2012?

Share your thoughts in the comments.



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