Paintball News & Rumor Report

Todays paintball news and rumor report covers several MAJOR adjustments to a handful of high profile pro paintball teams. Read on for the latest paintball news featuring Dynasty, Tampa Bay Damage, the All Americans, VICIOUS, Aftershock, Infamous, and the Ironmen. Talk about power moves..

Update: Ollie Lang has released a video update discussing the latest rumors.

  • After an action packed paintball season with the All Americans, Chad George of the AA’s will be joining San Diego Dynasty. insiders report that Chad will be running the snake, a position which was left open after Angel Fragoza retired.
  • insiders report that Aftershock’s Drew Templeton and Pat Roberts of the All Americans were picked up by VICIOUS over the weekend. Following on the heels of VICIOUS announcing that Billy Bernacchia of the Hurricanes had joined the team, Drew and Pat wearing VICIOUS jersey’s would be major pick ups for the new pro team. With that being said, we expect big things out of VICIOUS in 2010.
  • Brian “LB” Fow of LA Infamous is said to be moving out west. Word has it he left his job at KEE Action Sports (his choice) and is in the midst of a move to be closer to his family.
  • Brandon Rittinghouse is said to have been released from Tampa Bay Damage. Brandon was spotted playing with the Palm Beach Vipers on Saturday.
  • insiders inform us that neither Nicky Cuba nor John Richardson will be playing with the Ironmen in 2010. Not sure on the details, but will have some follow up information shortly.

Update: Ollie Lang from the Ironmen has released a video update of the latest paintball news. Check it out..



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