Paintball News Round up

propaintball-iconSummer is coming to a close and the paintball industry is working overtime. Read on as we showcase the latest paintball news, rumors, and player updates for the first week of September.

  • Following up on the rumor that KEE was buying out Kingman, one of the representatives from Kingman emailed in and let us know that it was nothing more than a rumor. There is definitely something going down between the two companies, but at this point we are unsure of the details. Perhaps the deal has something to do with distribution of the product line..or?
  • Rumor has it that world renown paintball club and tournament team LA Hitmen are getting a their very own LA Hitmen branded Guerrilla Air tank. First it was Dynasty, now its the Hitmen. Great job guys!
  • Paintball batteries are back..Furious Paintball (the barrel company) is preparing to release both 9volt and AA types.
  • Eric Prum, formerly of LA Infamous, is back in the action. This time around, Eric is playing with Arsenal Evolution. Eric played with Infamous for about three years in the NXL, and then moved back to the East Coast to take a full time job with Virtue paintball. Good to hear your back Eric.
  • XSV is said to be considering Adam Farej formerly of Chicago Aftershock & Mutiny. Last we heard the team had around 12 players either trying out or playing with the team. More info can be found here.
  • Word has it that the DYE white Rotor’s and I4’s landed in your local paintball store September 1st. Check your local dealer or
  • Sunday is National Streetball Day! Gio from SC Village has assured us that SC Village is going to be the place to play come Sunday. San Diego Aftermath plan to have both the World Cup X-ball field up and a WCPPL 7-man field up. For more information see this thread.