Paintball News: Greg Pauley, team Vicious part ways *UPDATED*

Greg Pauley and pro paintball team Vicious part ways. Pauley was the coach of Vicious and helped raise the boys from a divisional paintball team to a national contender on the pro circuit. When not coaching the pro team, Pauley worked at Discount Specialty Sports (the Vicious team paintball store), and organized the Vicious Race-To paintball series.

Greg Pauley from pro paintball team VICIOUS

According to a statement posted by Vicious team owner Karen Bortol,

Greg Pauley is no longer associated with Discount Specialty Sports and Team Vicious. We wish Greg the best of luck in his future.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact the store at 402-502-3434. You may also PM me or Carl on PbNation. Please do not contact Greg for store or team related matters.

No word has been shared as to who will be replacing Greg Pauley as the coach of Vicious.

Who do you think Vicious will hire on to replace Coach Pauley? Will the team opt to coach themselves through the upcoming PSP New Jersey?


We have followed up with DSS to get more information. They have told us that because Greg was an employee of Discount Specialty Sports and the confiendtially agreements the company has put in place, they can not release any more information. We have requested an interview from Greg to see if he can shed a bit of light on the situation for us.