Paintball around the world in 30 seconds

propaintball-iconTodays round up features the several updates from Paris, a follow up from Chicago and a few thoughts on the World Cup venue change.

The Paris Millenium webcast is up. Check out the Euro action over at Spirit of

Speaking of the Millennium, Ryan, Alex, Justin and Davey from Dynasty and Ollie from the Ironmen are all spending the weekend in Paris Millennium event playing for their respective teams. If there was ever a weekend Team USA (Dynasty+Arsenal) needed to win..this would be it.

Billy Bernacchia of the New England Hurricanes is hosting a summer clinic today at Strategy Plus Paintball Park in East Hampton, CT. If your in the area, stop by and check it out the Hurricane clinic and learn how the pro’s do it.

Baca Loco from VFTD has posted up a insightful article on the PSP Chicago Open layout. Baca breaks down the lanes and fills you in on what zones your shooters should have been shooting. Want to win more? Check out the Chicago Off the Break at View from the Deadbox.

The Ford Report has an opinion piece on the PSP’s venue change for World Cup. Hotel prices, location, etc.