team_aftershock_logoAs we are all well aware, the last several seasons of Aftershocks career have been dismal at best. We are proud to report that the “most winning ten-man team in history” is back for 2009 and full of fresh energy. Coach Jeremy Salm and the boys have been hard on the grind and have made some stunning pickups during the off season. The team has a very solid core with many of the team members going back 5-6 years.  For the 2009 season the team will be shooting Eclipse markers and continuing the tradition with KEE/RP paint.

The Official Aftershock 2009 roster;

Drew Templeton
Josh Yost
Chad “Yaya” Bouchez
Ian Martin
Chris Sosine
Cody Mickowski
Brad McCurley
AJ Trillet
Nick Slowiak
AJ Lion

Coach: Jeremy “Sniper” Salm 🙂

From the looks of things, the team is off to a great start for 2009. Good luck Aftershock!

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