Oakland Blast making a comeback

Reports have surfaced that Mark Nelson, a former Naughty Dog, has rejoined former teammate Tyler Harmon in moving to Oakland Blast. For those of you following paintball news you will be familiar with the rollercoaster of a season the team has experienced. Bobs guys manage to place dead last in HB, but with the help of Greg Sewiers (Ironmen) and another pro player they took 4th in Jacksonville. NPPL Buffalo didn’t show much promise though, the team was once again at the bottom of the pack. Credible sources have informed us that Bob Long is in the process of rebuilding the Blast team with several power players and setting up for the 2009 season.

You may recall that during the 2007 season the team experienced some severe monetary issues; Gary & the Shows brothers left the team and Bob was tied up in a major lawsuit with Archon/Zap (now Procaps). The lawsuit stemmed from Archon taking shipment of hundreds of Marq’s, selling them to paintball shops, and then informing Bob the guns didn’t sell (which we all know otherwise). Bob informed the Oakland Blast team at the end of the season that free paintball was not an option and they would be responsible for $500.00 per event for the opportunity to play on his team. Many other pro franchises were quick to capitalize on Bob’s misfortune and began dismantling his team. In order for the acquisition/merger of Zap(Archon) and Procaps to go through the companies must settle outstanding lawsuits, which means that Bob is back in the money and ready to rock.

Rumors are begining to surface that 2 more high profile pickups will be happening after NPPL Commanders Cup. Could 2009 be the season Bob makes it back on the block?