NXL Pro Paintball Team List released

 NXL Pro Paintball Team List released

The first 10 pro paintball teams have signed up to compete in the National X-ball League. This is a key milestone as this provides a starting point for the teams to vote on the many decisions that will impact the 2015 season including match style, rate of fire and coaching.


NXL Official Statement:

It is the NXL’s pleasure to introduce you to the first wave of professional teams committed to competing in the 2015 NXL Professional Division. The NXL Professional Division will represent the most talented paintball competitors from across the world. Many of the following teams include owners and coaches who also run divisional teams, paintball fields and local tournament circuits. Their initial feedback in establishing the NXL has been invaluable and essential in creating a league based on the voice of the players. The NXL looks forward to working with the many divisional team owners, coaches and players who have expressed interest in joining the league as players and advisors. For more information on becoming a part of the NXL, email NXLinfo@gmail.com.

AC Dallas
“We could not be more pleased to be part of the professional division in the NXL” Greg Pauley, AC Dallas

Baltimore Revo
“Revo is excited that the NXL has decided to give the players what they wanted. A league that listens and responds to their players. Baltimore Revo is looking forward to the first event.” Rick Hartman, Baltimore Revo Owner

Chicago Aftershock
“We are excited about being part of the next era of tournament paintball, the NXL. Their commitment to a player first approach is what we need to bring back to competition paintball.” Renick Miller, Chicago Aftershock Owner

Edmonton Impact
“Our team has been waiting for this to happen for a very long time and we’re happy to be on the ground floor of it.” Dave Baines, Edmonton Impact

Houston Heat
“Houston Heat is incredibly excited to be a part of the new NXL! We’re eager to see the new direction of tournament paintball and incredibly thankful to be included in this new venture and be provided with the opportunity to represent our amazing sponsors and compete against the best teams in the world.” Tim Montressor, Houston Heat

San Antonio X-Factor
“X-Factor is happy to see a positive change in tournament paintball. We are excited to play the NXL!” Alex Martinez, Owner of San Antonio X-Factor

San Diego Dynasty
“We’re excited that we’ll be playing in the new NXL and competing against some of the best teams is the world.” Alex Fraige, San Diego Dynasty Captain

Seattle Thunder
“Seattle Thunder is excited to be part of a league that understands what the industry needs, and what the players need and want in competitive paintball. We are looking forward to what the NXL will bring to the table this year, and many other years to come.”  Corey Field, Seattle Thunder

TradeMyGun Outlaws
“Simply put, we feel this is the right direction for paintball” – Jeremy Salm, Trade My Gun Outlaws Captain

Upton 187 cRew
“upTon 187 cRew has joined the NXL for the remainder of the 2015 season. We’re excited to be part of this historic undertaking and look forward to helping bridge the gap between the various game formats across the world. We look forward to working with the NXL management to create the ultimate x-ball league for the players.” Dave Painter, upTon 187 cRew Owner