According to a press release from John Bosch, president of NXe, NXe’s paintball division has been sold to Tippman. Tippman has been in the market for a upper-end soft goods brand for some time now. Over the years NXe has invested in the development and design of high quality paintball products; most notably their harness systems, pads, pants, and bags.

The Bosch family came into the paintball industry with extensive manufacturing knowledge. For years they have developed protective and fashionable cell phone cases and accessories under license from the major cell phone providers. Earlier this season NXe announced the formation of a new cell phone accessories division. This division will not be part of the Tippman purchase. The Boschs will continue their work on the NXe cell phone line and will be launching new products at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Expo.

We anticipate that Tippman will continue to invest in the brand and continue to roll out premium paintball products under the NXe flag.

The following is the official release from NXe:

“NXE today announced it has sold its NXe Paintball division to
Tippmann Sports.

John Bosch President and CEO of NXE commented: “The sale of NXe
paintball to Tippmann Sports is both a happy day as well as a sad day for us. The paintball division was our baby and we have had great success within the industry. It was very important to us to that future of NXe will continue to be nurtured and built with the same passion and commitment we have here. That is why the only company we would even consider to offer our company to was and is Tippmann.

Tippmann has the same values and commitment as well as the
integrity, credibility and passion to be the very best at what they do.
Tippmann will be able to take NXe to new heights, which was also
very important to us. From that regard we could not be happier.

As a company we are officially launching our new NXE consumer
electronics line at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las
Vegas in January. We are extremely confident that this direction is a
very positive step for our company and for all of our employees. We
hope all of our paintball related consumers who have supported NXE will continue to support us and also find our new consumer
electronics products as cutting edge, innovative, and of course the best of the best in quality.

We will work closely with the Tippmann team to ensure a smooth transition so all of the Tippmann and NXe customers who are accustomed to the best service and support in the business will continue to receive that commitment. In closing let me say we would like THANK the entire paintball community for all of the support, friendship, and dedication – not only to NXe, but to the sport and game we all love and are passionate about. I would also like to thank our customers and consumers, who have supported us over the years, and moving forward, will keep NXe as the top soft goods brand in the industry. We have made friendships that will last long past the last ball being shot, and that is a testament to this industry, and sport, and the people who are a part of it. As you know we have sponsored hundreds and hundreds of teams over the years from all over the world. We would also like to thank a few of these teams who became part of our family and was with us from the beginning.

Avalanche, Joy Division, Impact, Aftermath, Strange, Rage and of
course our Dynasty boys.

Thank You,
The NXE family.”


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