For several weeks talk has been circulating that big changes are underway at the NPPL. According to several sources, the NPPL is considering eliminating Pro paintball relegation in order to keep the teams with strong financial backing involved on the professional level. The major issue with pro team relegation is the fact that it significantly devalues any franchise holding a pro spot. The thinking behind this idea is two fold; first, the leagues solidify the premier division with stronger backing ($$$), and secondly, presenting a truly professional league to outside viewers and sponsors. Sources suggest this may provide stable grounds for both franchise teams and growth of the sport.

Note that in the sports short lifespan, only one pro team has managed to reclaim a spot after relegation, Ron Kilbourne’s 2007 Bushwackers. Generally, the relegated teams face an exodus of their talent to rival pro teams and gradually fade into obscurity. Insiders have been discussing increasing the number of pro teams to 20 (or more!) to allow top ranked semi pro teams access. We have been informed that nothing has been finalized, sources report they are unsure how many in total, or how bracketing would work. Could this be the beginning of the minor league teams (Ala baseball)?

The idea of ending relegation may coincide with Frank Connell/Ed Poorman’s attempt to take advantage of the Philly Americans spot.

Update: Welt has an interview with Ed Poorman of Avalanche regarding the Philly Spot.

Is the league is on the right track? Would ending relegation be a smart move now that the weaker teams (sedition, smoke, etc.) have been dealt with? Sound off in the comments below!

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