Over the last several weeks we’ve featured some top secret info on teams that are barely holding on, the dreaded Professional relegation zone, and the newest addition to NPPL, a 5 man format. As you are all well aware, NPPL stop #4 in Houston, TX is right around the corner (Sept. 19-21, 2008). Here’s a look of the current seasonal standings in the Professional bracket.

1    Golden State Ironmen       68
2    New England Hurricanes    57
3    San Antonio X-Factor         50
4    San Diego Dynasty            48
5    St. Louis Avalanche           47
6    Escondido Aftermath          43
7    Jersey Authority                 37
8    OC Bushwackers                35
9    DC Arsenal                        30
10    Los Angeles Infamous      30
11    Edmonton Impact            29
12    Sacramento Excessive      29
13    Oakland Blast                  22
14    Chicago Aftershock          21
15    Tampa Bay Damage        19
16    Miami Rage                    15
17    Pittsburgh All Americans  13
18    Portland Naughty Dogs    7
Will Philly make a comeback? Will Art & Miami Rage be able to pull it together and squeeze out of relegation? How about Avalanche, will Ed and the boys blow it or knock Dynasty out of the top 4? Take a second and blow up the comments below with your speculations on next weekends winner!

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