NPPL Commanders Cup Thursday

NPPL San Diego @ Qualcomm Stadium

Earlier this week the schedules were released and much to everyone’s discrepancy, the Semi Pro teams will be playing their preliminary games on Friday. Spyder Cup is hosting their grand finale event Saturday and Sunday. They will be utilizing the Spyder field for the preliminary games and the NPPL field on Sunday for the two teams competing for the grand prize, Mazda 3’s.

The day before the final event of the season, we were able to see the booths and tents being set up for the trade show that takes place during the days of play. Much to our surprise Hybrid is rumored to be making a return for 2009 and has a trailer here at the San Diego event!

Over the past weeks plenty of discussion has been filtering through View From the Deadbox & PBreserve regarding the relegation zone. The final decisions for next season  will be made in the coming weekend. Keep that in mind and turn your attention to not one, or two, but multiple PRO teams seeking two spots for next season.

Miami Rage setting up for big moves in 2009
Miami Rage setting up for big moves in 2009

Art Mendoza is said to be in the works of securing two PRO spots for 2009. With his dominating Division 2 team that has extensive financial backing, it seems feasible. The current Miami Rage Pro spot is in 16 of 18 overall, and only 4 points under Tampa Bay Damage. Seeing that they are currently in the relegation zone, the team will have to have a solid turnout at this event to keep from being bumped. Jason ‘FK’ Edwards is playing with the Rage pro squad, look for him to do some damage in hopes keeping this team alive.

San Diego Aftermath are currently in 6th place overall and will have no problem keeping a tight hold on their spot for 2009. Among others, they are trying to get a hold of a 2nd spot for 2009. This will allow Mike Hinman to swap players around with ease. Aftermath now has a team in every division besides Semi-Pro, look for them as a new farm in 2009.

Speaking of farms, Ron Kilbourne and his Bushwackers are also seeking a second pro spot for 2009. This might be quite the feat for their semi-pro team currently sitting in 9th place overall. Also note that two of the top players from his Pro team, Corey and Jason Bornstein, have recently left to play for Blast in Commanders Cup, and the 2009 season.

The Dynasty camp is in the position to seek a 2nd pro spot for 2009 assuming Entourage pulls their weight at this event. They currently sit in 4th place overall, but look for them as a threat with the return of Mikey “MROD” Rodriguez and the pick up of Ronnie Fillipone.