NPPL Commanders Cup Wrap Up

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Discussions surrounding relegation are said to be ongoing. The NPPL Steering comittee (whom met Thursday night) as well as the Pro Team Owners meeting (whom met Friday night) have been discussing the pro’s and con’s of each side of the issue. Jeff Stein of the Hurricanes & NPPL Steering Committee shares with us..

Every conversation that I have been involved in have centered around what is best for the pro division. In terms of natural attrition rates due to decreasing sponsorship levels, in terms of building continuity and also in terms of being fair to teams in a shortened season.

The arguments have been made that teams like the Dogs and Rage are guaranteed to show up at events, even when they are out of contention. They are both heavily vested in the league. In this day and age, when teams dropping out happens every year, there is something to be said for that.

It has also been discussed how it would appear inappropriate to change rules hither-dither, which is something the NPPL has been accused of in the past.

But the discussions are about the league’s best interest, the pro division’s best interest and the sports best interest.

-Jeff Stein

Relegation: Which teams would moving where?

If the NPPL holds true to the relegation rule we will see the Portland Naughty Dogs, Miami Rage (PRO) and Pittsburgh All Americans being moved into Semi Pro. Based on the results from this event, Method of Destruction (Jersey Authority’s Semi Pro Team), Edmonton Impact (Semi Pro) and Arsenal Evolution (DC Arsenal’s Semi Pro Team) will be taking their places.



  1. San Diego Dynasty
  2. OC Bushwackers
  3. Edmonton Impact
  4. Tampa Bay Damage


  1. Arsenal Evolution
  2. (Aka Vicous)
  3. Edmonton Impact Semi Pro
  4. Pheonix United

Division 1:

  1. Hollywood HK
  2. LA Hitmen
  3. Synergy
  4. Rockstar Factory

Division 2:

  1. Go 4 Broke
  2. Miami Rage
  3. Tombstone
  4. Asylum

Division 3:

  1. SCP Epic & Friends
  2. Top Gun Factory
  3. Effects
  4. Dark Riders

Division 3 5-Man:

  1. Rockstar Rebels
  2. HKN Royalty

Division 4 5-Man:

  1. Critical Wrecking Crew
  2. Paintball

Pump Challenge:

  1. Total Grief
  2. Team Brotherhood
  3. Showdown
  4. Flipped Out