NPPL Buffalo Day 1

The 3rd stop in the 2008 NPPL season brings us to Buffalo, New York. This event has a total of 106 teams registered, as compared to the overwhelming 220 at NPPL Hunington Beach and 125 teams at NPPL Jacksonville. This is to be expected though as the third event (previously located in Boston) has traditionally had a smaller turn out.
Divisional Players that flew via AirTran were stuck in Atlanta for over 5 hours. Some players / entire teams ended up being flown into Rochester, NY rather than the original destination. Many of them received free tickets after being bused in to the event. If you haven’t already, take advantage of this opportunity to get a free airline ticket to NPPL #4 located in Houston, Texas.

On day 1 of the event we heard several reports of games running rather smoothly. The event has a total of 4 Fields (traditionally its been 5 or 6 fields) and a small vendor area. For one reason or another the reknown NXL Ref’s didn’t make it back. Captain Carls Ref crew came back and is reffing on the Spyder field. Guy and his GPL refs are running the angel field. Games are said to be running on time and no “crazy” complaints on either fields.
Team Petra has been having a rough time. This is the 2nd event in a row that they have received a 6 game suspension for a ramping marker. Gun was never taken to the robot (no robot at the event). Ego was cycling down (out of air) and thus not technically “playable”, but penalty was assessed anyhow. Many of the players are former Mantis players.

Be sure to check back for PBRESERVE’s “LIVE, FROM BUFFALO!” coverage of Saturday & Sunday’s matches.

PS: Check out the “Best of Day 1” video cut from the NPPL Web Cast.