NPPL appoints new Board of Directors

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Official Press Release:

National Professional Paintball League Board of Directors appoints new positions and structure for 2011:

Dear Players, Sponsors and Fans;

The 2011 Paintball season is about to begin. This year the NPPL will be celebrating its 18th year hosting tournaments, and 2011 is shaping up to be one of the best years yet. The NPPL Board of Directors recently held its annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada where they appointed a President and created a new internal team of professionals who will operate the League with the intention of running the most successful tournament series in the world.

Here is the new NPPL Team who will lead the sport into the future:

The NPPL is proud to announce the appointment of Mike Peverill as President of the NPPL. Mike comes to the NPPL with many years of experience not only as a former NPPL player and promoter of events, but also as a successful industry leader who runs paintball marketing and promotional seminars. Mike owns Pev’s Paintball and his field hosts the NPPL Washington DC Challenge.  Mike is also an owner of the NPPL.

The league has also appointed Tom Cole to be the Commissioner. Tom will be responsible for the enforcement of the NPPL rules and running the PRO referee association. Tom will be present at each of the NPPL events assisted by Dan Perez and Gary Shows as Ultimate Referees.

Chuck Hendsch, former Commissioner and one of the owners of the NPPL will move into a Chief Operating Officer role focused on event logistics.

Bart Yachimec, owner of Edmonton Impact, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and will run the Board of Directors.

Frank Connell, owner Saint Louis Avalanche, is Vice President of Sales and will oversee Team Registration and Membership Services.

Dennis Olsen, owner Chicago Legend, is Chief Financial Officer handling accounting and finances.

Eric Crandall of San Diego Dynasty is General Manager and will focused on league contracts and negotiations.

Mike McDonald, owner Vancouver Vendetta, is Vice President of IT and will oversee the website, web cast and social media for the League.

Jeff Trainer, the newest owner of the NPPL, is Vice President of Marketing and will utilize his extensive business background and contacts to focus on non-endemic sponsorship, TV and promotions.

Stephen “Junior” Brown of Team XSV is Director of Sponsorship responsible for paintball industry sponsors and onsite sponsor coordination.

Rich Telford, owner Team XSV, is Director of the Rules Committee and responsible for the creation of new rules and changes to existing rules.

Valerie Evans is the League’s office manager and in charge of membership services. Jung Hong from Three on Designs handles graphic design and Chris Iaquinta form Splat Magazine handles media relations.

This team of individuals is the most experienced groups ever assembled in the sport of paintball, and is committed to running a professional tournament series. It is important to know that the majority of these positions are held by owner/members or individuals of the NPPL who do not take a salary but donate their time, as they are players who are passionate about our sport and want to see it grow. The NPPL is excited about the new team assembled and looks forward to a stellar 2011 season. Stay tuned for more 2011 changes and updates.<