NPPL 2013 Surf City Open Field Layout Released


NPPL releases their layout for the 2013 Surf City Open, taking place April 12th, 13th, & 14th at the pier in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA. This was anticipated, tis’ the season for such things. What wasn’t anticipated by most, was the announcement of standardizing to Sup’Air’s 43 bunker PSP set (with 8 piece NPPL expansion) ..UNLESS you read our rumor article that we dropped 3 days ago..

Here’s the NPPL’s official statement addressing the changes to their bunker set:

The NPPL Field Design Committee and SUP Air Ball introduces a new NPPL field for the 2013 Season. This new field consists of last years bunker base kit (43 bunkers) used in the Millennium Series, Pals Series and PSP. In addition to the 43 bunker base kit there are eight additional custom bunkers (NPPL Expansion Kit) that will be used in 2013.  The Expansion Kit includes 4 Giant Cylinders and 4 Mini cans. Giant Cylinders will be available soon and we suggest using regular cans as substitutes until the GC arrive. Many Teams and Fields already have the base kit from last year and will need to order the new NPPL expansion kit to make up the official 2013 NPPL field.
To order your NPPL expansion kit or field today call NPPL Sponsor Valken (856) 812-2800. If teams are interested in purchasing used NPPL Fields after each event call NPPL to reserve 714 758 5575.
Here’s the layout graphic:
So who’ll be ballin’ at the beach? Sound off below. What are your thoughts on conforming to a (somewhat) standardized bunker set? Visit our “NPPL layout changes” rumor article here and join in on the discussion in the comments section.