The Norwegian Masters was held September 8th and 9th. This event was hosted at one of Norways best field, Slagen Paintball in Tønsberg a few hours from Oslo. The event was held over the weekend on two Millennium regulation sized fields and there was lots of great paintball action. On Saturday, teams battled it out in Xball and a 3 man format. On Sunday, 5man and a entry level division battled it out to be crowned Norwegian Champions, but due to heavy rain field number two was flooded only 5man was played.


Top 3 Scores for each division


  1. Oslo Paintball Members
  2. Stavanger Mayhem
  3. Slagen Bandits Gold

5man format:

  1. Dye Hard
  2. Drammen Sabotage 2
  3. Trondheim Dominators

3man format:

  1. Lykketroll
  2. EPK Armageddon
  3. Salvtion Army