Ninja Paintball Safety Advisory – Oil and Compressed Air

Oil Compressed Air Warning editedNinja Paintball, a leader at providing quality air systems and accessories manufactured in the USA, has released an important safety advisory regarding the use of ALL compressed air cylinders.


Ninja Paintball would like to issue a safety advisory regarding the use of oil in compressed air systems. First and foremost, oil and compressed air DO NOT mix. Some players have taken to the practice of using oil as a quick-fix to stop leaks in their fill nipple or to repair a damaged or worn fill nipple seal. Unfortunately, this can create a very hazardous situation.

When oil is exposed to compressed air, the oil can become flammable, and in some cases can ignite. As air is compressed while filling, the amount of oxygen (as well as the other gases in the air) is increased and condensed. Fire, also known as combustion, or an exothermic oxidation reaction, requires three things to start:

1) Oxygen
2) Fuel
3) Heat

The temperature needed to start a particular fuel burning is known as that fuel’s flash point. As the amount of oxygen a fuel is exposed to increases, the flash point drops and could ignite the fumes or oil. There are many oils which are perfectly safe at room temperature and air pressure. However, when the oxygen content around them increases; as with air compressed into a paintball marker’s HPA tank, the flash point can lower to below the temperature of the fill air and cause the oil or fumes to ignite. This is the principle at work in the cylinders of a diesel engine.

Paintball safety lies in the hands of players, store operators, and field operators. DO NOT put oil of any kind in your compressed air cylinder or regulator. No lubricants should be used on the regulator unless the are explicitly recommended by the manufacturer.

If you experience a leak in your fill nipple, Ninja Paintball advises replacing the fill nipple o-ring or the entire fill nipple assembly, as fill nipples can and will wear out over time. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer of your regulator or you can contact Ninja Paintball direct.

The following is a copy of the advisory for anyone who would like to print it out and post it up at their local field(s) and pro shop(s). A big thanks to Rob and everyone at Ninja Paintball for taking their time to put this together and bring it to the community’s attention!

Ninja Safety Advisory - Oil and Compressed Air