News from the Russian Legion

Russian Legion would like to thank all of our sponsors who helped us compete and win in the 2010 PSP season.

MacDev has everything we look for in a paintball marker and we couldn’t be happier with them. Draxxus paint has really done a great job in supplying us with great tournament and practice paint all year long. We really like all of the new SLY gear, along with our amazingly comfortable VForce masks. We have had nothing but rave reviews about our new jerseys made by Style Supply, and look forward to developing new custom ones for years to come. Virtue has made our boards for years now, and we wouldn’t use anyone else’s. Guerilla Air is showing why so many top pro teams are using them, and we appreciate their great tech staff at each tournament. Paintball photography is with us at every event, and we would like to show our thanks to them and Social Paintball for letting our fans see what the Russian Legion is about. KM and PB Customs make great products for us and we hope to continue making innovative products with them. Finally, Exalt makes the only REAL paintball cleats, and we’re very happy to be able to use them.

Russian Legion Webbanner 1

Thanks again to all of our 2010 sponsors, as we appreciate every one of them and look forward to continuing our great partnerships