The NPPL and Sup’Air have released the 2011 bunker kit details. According to the release, the NPPL giant U shaped bunker has been released. The U was one of the final pieces of the USPL branding in the NPPL. The U has been replaced with two giant wings and two “nppl” boxes.

The official release from the NPPL;

“Sup-Air the official bunker sponsor of the National Professional Paintball League has created a new NPPL bunker kit for the 2011 tournament season.

Together the NPPL and Sup Air have decided to eliminate the center U. The League will also eliminate two small cakes and one small dorito from the 2010 field. The new upgrade kit will replace these obstacles with two large cubes and two giant wings. The Official 2011 NPPL Field will still have 44 bunkers, eliminating 3 small bunkers plus the U and replace with 2 Giant wings and 2 large cubes. The 2011 field will offer many different options for the NPPL Field Design Committee to create dynamic play fields. The goal is to provide larger bunkers on the field making it harder to get elimination’s off the break and promote longer games.

2011 NPPL field: (44 bunkers)

  • 4 Temples
  • 4 Mayan Temples
  • 6 Giant Beams
  • 4 Cakes
  • 4 Cylinders
  • 4 Medium Cylinders
  • 4 Medium Doritos
  • 4 Small Doritos
  • 2 Bumpers
  • 4 Bricks
  • 2 NPPL Cubes
  • 2 Giant Wings (center bunkers)

New for the season 2011:

  • 2 Giant Wings
  • 2 NPPL Cubes

The 2011 NPPL field will be used at the Surf City USA Open in Huntington Beach, CA April 1st – 3rd. The 2011 field upgrade kit from Sup-Air is now available for purchase.”


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